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This is entirely up to you. Some clients book Shaunti a year in advance and others one day in advance. If the event is a wedding or high-profile occasion, it is advised that you book Shaunti 4-8 months in advance to ensure that you have no issue getting the desired date and showtime. Bookings may be made up to one year in advance.
She will need safe a place to change into costume and stow belongings. She will also need you to provide a stereo system that can play CD or iPod.
20-30 minutes (6-8 songs) is a great show length because you get to see a good variety throughout the show. Shaunti often breaks her show into two segments (each 3-4 songs long) and does a costume change in between so that her audience can see more than one look.
Yes, tipping can be done in many ways. Middle-Eastern cultures often tip their dancers by showering bills over the dancers during the performance. If you are near a dancer, you may also tuck tips in appropriate places on the dancer's costume, like armbands or the side of their skirt waistband. Or, tips can be given to the dancer with the show payment when the show is complete.
Shaunti loves to collaborate with other artists in the area, however, it takes rehearsal time to organize a group performance that is high quality. Therefore, if you want a group show, please make your request as far in advance as possible and let Shaunti know your ideas. All shows, big or small, are custom tailored for each event.
Shaunti will bring her show songs on a CD and/or iPod. It is the client's responsibility to provide the sound system as Shaunti does not bring stereo equipment with her. Please make sure you have a sound system that can play loud enough to be heard over the bustle of the party. Once the music is playing, it is not necessary to pause or stop the music at all. Just let the playlist run through from start to finish and Shaunti will take care of the rest.
Call 310-422-9130 to let Shaunti know the location of your event, the date and time of your event, and any special requests. She will provide you with the most reasonable price quote she can. Depending on the details of your show, Shaunti may require you to fill out a contract and submit half of the payment amount in advance as a deposit.
If your event is located in the Portland, OR area, it usually costs about $250.00 to hire Shaunti Fera for a show. If your show is located outside of Portland, the show price will be adjusted accordingly. Promotional prices are available to business owners who wish to hire Shaunti on a frequent basis at their establishment.
Shaunti is available to perform belly dance shows in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas including Vancouver, Gresham, Sandy, Salem, Albany, Corvallis, and Eugene.
How far in advance should I book Shaunti Fera?
What will Shaunti need from me to help the show run smoothly?
How long is a standard bellydance show?
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How is Shaunti's music played at the party?
How do I book Shaunti Fera?
What is the average cost of a bellydance show performed by Shaunti Fera?
What if I want multiple dancers and musicians?
What cities does Shaunti Fera perform in?
How do I submit show payment?
For your convenience, if you are wanting to pay your deposit or final payment with a credit card, you may do so via PayPal below.
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